Become A Dealer

Through our cutting edge tuning tools and our professional quality service, our Red Seal mechanics and globally trained engineers will guide you through the process of custom tuning.

Offer your customer the most trusted tuning company in North America. Your customer will see a substantial cost savings by increasing their fuel economy and decreasing their downtime. Have the ability to reprogram the ECU, while deleting the EGR, DPF, SCR and DEF systems. Dyno proven programs will increase previously untapped horsepower, ensuring the optimal performance of the diesel engine.

To remain the trusted source for equipment tuning, our dealers are vetted to ensure our tunes are in the experienced hands of a Red Seal Journeyman Technician. All dealers must occupy a fully equipped repair facility which maintains the proper tooling required to perform tunes.


To become a dealer All Equipment Tuning requires potential dealers to submit an application for elite dealer status. Please fill out the application request and the distribution center in your area will be in touch in the next two business days with an application.

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

Application Request